On the Issues

I stand for those who have been ignored by this system and for those who have not received the benefits they should.


  • Administrative Salaries (“Secret Salaries”) have increased over the last three years while actual Teacher salaries have fallen
  • For too long bureaucratic costs have taken money meant for those who help our students.
  • I will fight to increase teachers’ salaries, beyond pay raises I will ensure any cuts in administrative costs directly into teachers’ salaries


  • The Community College system has two goals for its students
    • Students should graduate with a degree and be able to pursue a good paying job AND/OR
    • Students should have the credits necessary to transfer to a four year university quickly and efficiently
  • None of the community colleges have a COMBINED transfer/graduation rate of over 50%
    • In many cases, as much as 3 out of 4 students are not graduating with a degree or moving onto a four-year university
  • I will fight to refocus the priorities of the Community College on the students
    • Focus classes on two things
      • The prerequisites to transfer to a four-year university
      • Classes that will provide the requisites needed for an AA
    • Focus educational opportunities on what jobs are needed and provide the best wages
    • Provide better guidance services to provide students with assistance to both finish school and to get a good job


  • We are in a very strong job market, and there are numerous fields in need of graduates
  • The Community College should serve as a center point between the people in need of careers, and the careers in need of people
  • Establish close ties between the different business communities and the community colleges including
    • Medical
    • IT
    • Criminal Justice
    • Contractors/Construction


  • I will always strive to make sure your money is well spent
  • I will support open competition for any construction bids
  • I will fight waste wherever I see it